How does it work?

A miner should be set up and work for a certain time in order to produce 1 BTC. It can break down, it requires care, heat removal and cooling, electricity bills should be paid. All of this is on us, and is included in the maintenance fee. Just keep calm and collect your daily BTC profit.

What factors affect my income?

Yourself: your contract/miner’s hash rate (TH/s) and its duration.
Us: electricity prices and proper equipment setup.
Higher power: difficulty of mining 1 coin and its current exchange rate.

How does Octofxcrypto earn money?

All the money we receive from selling contracts is put into the construction of new data centers and applied to foster the rapid growth of the whole company. Our goal is to become the #1 venture in the world. By buying a contract you begin to earn appreciating cryptocurrency and bring the crypto future closer today. The maintenance fee is introduced in order to free you from taking care of your miner and its work environment, rent payments and electricity bills. We take care of all that.

How do i get in touch?

We are committed to a long and successful partnership with our clients. Our engineers and support service will help you solve any problem at any time.

Can i have multiple accounts?

You are not permitted to have multiple accounts with us. If detected, you shall forfeit all your accounts including funds, without compensation. Contact support for more information.

What if i forgot my password?

We've made provisions for that, simply click the forgot password button, enter your registered email address,and receive instructions for resetting your account password. Contact support for more.

Is this company registered?

We are orthodox bitcoin cloud mining company, based in Tokyo, Japan. We are fully registered and backed by Japanes Financial Trust Funds (JFTF), Ministry Of Trades and Exchange (MTE), International Standard Organisation (ISO). We are accepted worldwide, in over 165 countries.

How do i get started?

1. Create account.
2. Login to member dashboard, update your profile and fund your account. 3. Choose your preferred mining plan, and activate. 4. When due, apply for withdrawal or re-mine from your available balance.

Can i earn via referrals?

You can earn extra income, by referring friends are family, through your unique referral link. Sign in and copy this link from your profile section. Once your referrals fund account for the first time, you earn 5% of their deposits.