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Equipped with the most efficient and game changer in bitcoin cloud mining Antminer S9, with the highest available hashrate.

At Octofxcrypto, We make Bitcoin cloud mining run smoothly for everyone


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We are here for you! We provide all the resources you need to seamlessly flow through the experience of bitcoin mining 24/7.

1. Create your account and simply login to your dashboard.

2. Unlock your mining limits by funding your account.

3. After adding funds, quickly choose a mining plan.

4. Withdraw your mined bitcoin to your coin wallet easily.

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Real testimonials from our users.

Annie Takara

I've been a member of the Octofxcrypto for only 47 days. But my life has already changed! Not only have I made my first $10K, but I've also met some of the most incredible people in the process.

Tokyo, Japan
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Marlyn Tomlinson

I finally know what it's like to live the dream. I no longer feel like I'm on the outside looking in while everyone else has all the fun. The Octofxcrypto has allowed me to retire early and live the 1% lifestyle

London, United Kingdom
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Wiley Snell

Surprisingly, I used to be an investor on Wall Street. I quit the firm to invest with the Octofxcrypto software full-time. $38,459 in profits later, all of my colleagues are now BEGGING me to let them in.

Oslo, Norway
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Roy Thigpen

Two weeks ago, I got laid off. With no options left, I thought my life was over. Now I’m making over $1,261.42 each and every day. And for the first time in 2 months, my account isn’t overdrawn.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Amount Location Name #
$5000 Caicos Islands Elroy Buresh 10 Min Ago
$56 Haiti Kelvin Lee 1 Min Ago
$1000 Spain Diego Thomas Now
$1000 Lithuania Nancie Arden 1 Min Ago
$7000 Pakistan Warry Larisa 5 Min Ago


Amount Location Name #
$900 Belize Tomi James Now
$7000 Germany Silver Pekar 5 Hrs Ago
$500 Solomon Islands Joan Joan 10 Hrs Ago
$1500 Vatican City State Dion Roberie 3 Hrs Ago
$80 Russian Federation Maribel Pepper 30 Min Ago

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